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3. the reverse of a double stitch, done often in split ring tatting
7. to climb out of a round and avoid having ends to hide
10. a small ring made using only one half of a double stitch
12. (acronym)working without cutting the shuttle thread from the ball
13. tiny loops of thread between double stitches which may be either decorative, or may be used to join elements of tatting together
15. a method of holding the fingers like a loom and weaving threads back and for across a ring making an interesting leaf shape of solid threads


1. a stitch formed in 2 halves and is the basis for all tatting
2. a chain that has picots or rings coming from either the top or the bottom of the chain
4. a very long picot that is joined back to the chain or ring after one or two stitches
5. tiny rings separated by a measured spaces of bare thread
6. a string of double stitches used to link rings together
7. a device used to hold thread
8. a continuous circle of double stitches
9. rings made with 2 threads where the first part of the ring is a normal ring and the second part of the ring is made of un-flipped stitches
11. (acronym)a ring made with the chain thread so that it is a mock ring
14. making a chain by using one half of the Doublestitch for a specified number of stitches, then reversing and using the other half of the double stitch