Laura's Beaded Wreath

copyright Laura Bobay 2000
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Laura Bobay graciously shares this pattern with the tatting community. All rights to this pattern are held by the designer. Selling or publishing of this pattern is prohibited unless authorized by the designer.

LR=large ring
ds=double stitch
cl=close ring
rw=reverse work
BP=Beaded Picot (3 beads on each)

string 36 rocaille beads on shuttle thread

Round 1

R 5-3-3-3-5 cl
LR 5+(to last p of prev. R)5, BP, 3-3-3-3, BP, 5-5 Cl
R 5+(to last p of LR) 3-3-3-5 Cl, RW
Ch 3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3 (9 p sep by 3ds) Cl RW

*R 5-3-3-3-5 cl
LR 5+(to last p of prev R) 5, +(to last BP on prev LR) 3-3-3-3, BP, 5-5 Cl
R 5+( to last p of LR) 3-3-3-5, CL RW
Ch 3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3 Cl, RW

Repeat from * 9 times

R 5-3-3-3-5 Cl
LR 5+(to last p of prev R)5 + (to last BP on prev LR) 3-3-3-3 +(to first BP on First LR ) 5-5 Cl
R 5+ (to last p of prev LR) 3-3-3-5 CL RW
Ch 3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3-3 CL RW attach to base of first clover. cut, tie, finish off.

Round 2

String remaining 36 beads onto ball thread.

*R 7+7 (to 4th P of any chain on first round) Cl RW
CH: 5-5 Cl RW
R 7+7 (to 5th P of same chain) Cl RW
CH: 5-5 Cl RW
R: 7+7 (to 6th P of same chain) Cl RW
CH: 5, BP, 5-2 Cl Do NOT RW
Run working thread through last P of prev CH and first P of next CH2 + (to adjacent P on prev chain) 5 + (to BP on adjacent chain) 5 Cl RWRepeat from * 11 times, attaching last chain to base of first R.Tie, cut, and finish off.

Designer Note: The 2nd round will work up "wavy" but will lay flat withblocking. Can be stiffened and then ribbon attached. (I used Offray 5/8"metallic ribbon) For a different look, can be tacked onto a fabric"sandwich" (fabric/batting/fabric) as a Christmas Ornament. Usingvariegated tatting thread also makes an outstanding looking wreath!

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