Finger-Purse No. 1

By Phila M. Sibbitts

Coronation-braid is combined with tatting in making an especially pretty coin holder. If you can't find antique coronation cord on the market, you can find newly manufactured cord at LACIS

rw=reverse work
p=picot(according to pattern stated)
clr=close ring

Center Ring
R: 1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1, clr.
Tie and work in ends.

R: 3+(to p of center R)3, clr, rw, leave space of thread
R: 3-3-1-1-3-3, clr, rw, leave space of thread
R: 3+(to next p of center R)3, clr, rw, space of thread
R: 3+(to last p of prev large R)3-1-1-3-3, clr, rw space of thread
Repeat both small and large rings all around until you have a total of 12 large and small rings, joining last large ring to first. Tie and work in ends.

R: 2-2+(to center p of large R in Row#1)2-2, clr, rw
CH: 4+(to a stem of braid, between 2 rolls)3-3+(miss 2 rolls to form a loop, join to next stem)4.
Repeat around, alternating rings and chains, and join last chain at base of 1st ring. Tie and work in ends. It is a good plan to count off the required number of rolls - 48 - and buttonhole the 2 stems at beginning and end together neatly and securely before beginning the row; take care that the braid is not twisted.

R: 3-4+(to stem between 2 rolls of braid forming the loop)4-3, clr, rw
CH: 3-3-3-3-3-3, rw
Repeat around, joining a ring to each loop of braid, and joining last chain to base of 1st ring. Tie and work in ends.

Make the other half of the purse as directed, except that in the 3rd row you join the sides by connecting the 2nd and 4th picots of each chain, making and leaving 7 free chains for the opening.
Cover a large ivory ring closely with double crochet (or leave without covering, as you prefer). Fasten the thread to 2nd free ring on one side, chain 25 (or according to length of chain wanted), passing through 2nd free ring of opposite side, attach to the ring, chain 25, pass back through 4th free ring on same side and corresponding ring on 1st side, again chain 25, attach to ring, missing 6 doubles, chain 25, pass through 6th free ring on same side and fasten in corresponding ring of 1st side. If preferred a chain may pass through each ring.
Make a little bag of suitable material to line the purse, having it circular in form and hemming the sides of the opening. If desired, the chains may pass through the lining.
The 2nd and 3rd rows (including braid) may be repeated to make a larger bag, or a pretty doily or cushion-cover. The knots are pushed close together, in making the purse.