Here are several antique patterns from a few original 1915 to early 1920s Needlework Magazines. They were so stunning and beautiful that I had to share them with you. They are of public domain(as far as I know according to the date) so there should be no problems with copyrights. I rewrote them in short hand version from their original long hand version for clarification. It also helped to get the kinks out of the patterns. I did find several mistakes in the editing. Thanks for letting me share them with you.


Mark, aka Tatman


Antique Bonnet #1

Square Yoke

Round Yoke


"Tatted medallions, round, square, or of other shape, serve a variety of uses very pleasingly. They may be applied as insets, joined to form collars, yokes, or trimming for gowns and other garments, or may be used as borders for doilies and centerpieces, or any articles which one wishes to decorate in such manner. Squares, joined at corners, make an especially effective border, and the wheels are utilized in a limitless variety of ways." - - Needlecraft Magazine

The Finger-Purse Makes a Pleasing Gift
"The pretty little coin- or finger-purses are as popular as ever, and make nice gifts, especially if something is wanted to send a friend at a distance. Pack it daintily in a Christmas box of the right size, with a wrapping of tissue-paper, enclose with it a card of greeting and good wishes, and res assured that it will meet a glad welcome." - - Needlecraft Magazine