Zig Zag Tatted Chain
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Load two shuttles and tie ends together. I use a weaver's knot. Position the threads on your hands as you would to make a normal chain. Sh#1 is the working thread(blue) and Sh#2 is the core thread(red) for the first part of the zig zag chain. Make required amount of regular double stitches(Fig 1). With out switching threads on the hand(blue is still worker thread and red shuttle thread), the blue thread will become the core thread and the red thread will be the worker, but the double stitches will be unflipped/not transferred in the normal fashion. Just like doing the second half of a split ring. Second half first, first half second, and they are all unflipped. Give enough loop of blue thread to create a picot at the beginning of the unflipped stitches. Make the required amount of unflipped stitches. Snug these upside down double stitches close to the last regular double stitch in the first set(Fig 2). Make a loop of the red thread to begin the downward facing picot and make normal double stitches(Fig 3). Repeat the sequence of stitches and picots that face upward and downward to create the zig zag effect(Fig 4). Make sure you snug each set of double stitches before continuing on to the next.

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