Pearl Tatting
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Load three shuttles with color of choice. Place sh#1 over the ring hand and sh#2 dangle below and wrap sh#3 thread around the hand and anchor on the little finger as if you were to make a chain. Pick up sh#1 and with sh#3 thread kept taut on the hand, make double stitches(lark's head knots) that are not transferred to the working thread. To do this you start making the first half of the double stitch but keep the core thread taut so it will not transfer the half hitch. Do the same for the second half hitch. After finishing the desired amount of double stitches, lay sh#1 over ring hand and the double stitches will be upright(Fig 1). Pick up sh#2. As you would when making the bottom half of a split ring, make untransferred double stitches that is made with second half of the double stitch first, and then first half second. These stitches will face downward(Fig 2). Continue switching back and forth with sh#1 and #2 in sequence, keeping the core thread(sh#3) taut around hand(Fig 3-4).

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