Maltese Ring
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Click on images to get a larger view Wind two shuttles CTM(continuous thread method) or if you want two colors for your ring, wind them separately and knot them together. Following the illustrations below, the red thread is the core/ring thread and the blue is the secondary thread. Red thread will be called sh#1 and blue thread will be called sh#2 according to the instructions.


Wrap sh#1 thread around hand as you would when making a ring. Let sh#2 thread hang free.

Make a few double stitches with sh#1

Push sh#1 ring thread back farther on your hand and wrap the core/shuttle thread around the hand and around the little finger as if you were to make a chain.

Keep sh#1 taut or tight around hand. With sh#2, make unflipped/not transferred double stitches/lark's head knots like you would when doing the second half of a split ring.....second half of ds first, first half of ds second.

Make a few unflipped double stitches with sh#2

Remove sh#1 core thread from hand and let sh#2 hang. Move the ring thread of sh#1 back into normal position and make a few double stitches.

Continue to work the two shuttles as described in the steps above. You will want to work enough stitches for both sides to get the desired effect so as not to crowd the inner circle. With sh#1, close the ring carefully. The below pictures show you what it should look like.

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