Maltese Split Ring
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Click on images to get a larger view First review the directions for the Maltese Ring. To start, you need 4 shuttles loaded. Tie the ends together in a knot. It may be helpful to label the shuttles number 1,2,3, and 4 or color code them. Let sh#3 and #4 hang free for now. With shuttles #1 and #2 start making a Maltese Ring. End this first part of the Maltese Split Ring with one double stitch from sh#1. Lay sh#1 and #2 back over hand and out of the way.

As if you were to make unflipped double stitches on the bottom half of a split ring, with sh#3 make regular unflipped double stitches(that is first half hitch first, second half hitch second). Set sh#3 up over hand so that the double stitches turn and face upward and are in correct position.
With sh#4 make reversed double stitches(second half hitch first, first half hitch second).
Continue making the second half of the Maltese Split Ring in this order, switch shuttles #3 and #4. End with one double stitch from sh#4. Regroup sh#1 and#2. With sh#1, gently pull the split ring closed. All four threads should come out at the opposite end from the starting point of the split ring.

Since you are working with more than two shuttles(which is not the norm), to keep the four shuttles tidy and behave, use small rubber bands to keep them with their pair by wrapping sh#1 and #2 together and #3 and #4 together when they are not in use. You can also have a scrunchy or rubber band around your wrist of the ring hand so that when you are not working with sh#1 and #2, slide them through the band to help keep them out of the way.

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