Making A Picot
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Click on images to get a larger view Making a picot is one of the simplest elements in tatting. Simply put, it is just a space of thread between two double stitches. Even though it doesn't require extra movements and is just a loop of thread, it is very versatile and has many functions. Picots can be decorative or functional. Rings and chains can be lacy looking with lots of picots outlining it. They can be long, short or varied lengths to give different effects to tatting. Below in Fig 23 & 24 is a simple illustration on how to make the picot.

Start with a finished double stitch. When making the first half of the next double stitch, leave an amount of the working thread loose and don't snug it up to the previous double stitch(Fig 23). Hold that first half in place with your thumb and finger(the pinch) and finish off the current double stitch with the second half. Snug the two halves together. Now you can slide the finished double stitch up to the previous one and the loosened worker thread will become a picot(Fig 24).

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