Making A Chain
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Click on images to get a larger view If you have gone through the previous steps, you may have already figured out how to make a chain of double stitches. But as a refresher I will reinstruct how to make a chain. Load a shuttle with one color and choose another color for the worker thread that goes around the hand. Tie the ends together. Pinch the knot with your index and thumb. Wrap the working thread(red) around the hand, the remaining three fingers and wrap the end around the pinky finger two or three times to secure as shown in Fig 12.

Make several double stitches, even add a few picots if you like. After you have worked the number of double stitches you want, with your thumb and index finger that was wrapped with the worker thread, pull the last stitch toward the first stitch so that you are sliding the stitches on the core thread together. You will notice that the stitches on the core thread will have an arced appearance. Illustration below shows the desired formation of arced double stitches.

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