Joining With Picots
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To make a join from one ring or chain to another is a matter of a simple slip stitch through the picot of a previous ring or chain. Poke the hook or pick of the shuttle through the picot you are going to join to. Grab the working thread that is behind the picot(Fig 32). Another way and equally effective is to actually lay the picot that is to be joined onto the working thread and grab that thread with the hook/pick.
Lift the working thread up and through the picot with the hook/pick(Fig 33). Pass the shuttle through the loop of working thread that was created(Fig 34). Tighten the shuttle thread and keep it tight. Slowly lift up on the fingers of the working thread and snug of the slip stitch into the picot. The ring or chain that is being worked on is now joined to the previous ring or chain(Fig 35).

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