Joining Last Ring To First Ring
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I am using a sample of 10 rings drawn up into a wreath for this explanation. The sample is worked with only one shuttle with rings joined by their side picots. Stitch count and type of thread is up to you.
After working your ninth ring, begin making the tenth ring, joining to the last picot of the ninth ring. Continue with the tenth ring until you get to the point before making the last picot. This picot element will be shared by the first picot made from the first ring. Position the tenth ring around so that the double stitches are facing opposite to the first ring(as if it was joined to the first ring). The working thread and the shuttle thread will be situated behind and lined up with the first ring. Lay the picot of the first ring to be joined on top of the working thread that is around your hand(as shown in the picture to the right).
Still working from under the first ring, pull out a loop of the working thread with your hook and pass your shuttle through the loop (as shown in the picture to the left). Tighten down on the working thread to finish the join. Continue working the last double stitches of the ring. Note that your shuttle thread is on the back side of the work. Close the ring and finish.

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