Pik and Fluffball will be happy
to get you started
on your Tatting adventure!
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Here is a listing of instructions:

*Materials Needed
*How to get started
*Understanding the double stitch
*Making the double stitch
*Making the picot
*Working a double stitch with a shuttle
*Making a chain
*Making a ring
*Joining With Picots
*Join Last Ring to First
*Continuous Thread Method(CTM)
*Making ring and chain combo
*How to not have a twisted picot at the ending join
*Adding new thread
*Finishing off
*Shoe Lace Trick
*Magic Thread Trick
*Reading patterns
*Working with two shuttles
*Working with three shuttles
*Working with 4 or more shuttles
*Double Picots
*Triple Picots
*Josephine Picot
*Loading Beads On To A Picot
*Pearl Tatting
*Zig Zag Tatted Chain
*Downward Facing Picot
*Bead on Downward Facing Picot
*Block Tatting
*Split Ring
*False Picot
*Lock Joins
*Single Shuttle Split Ring
*Split Chain
*Cluny leaves
*Diagramming patterns
*Tatting with Wire
*Dizzy Double Stitch
*Dizzy Picot
*Maltese Ring
*Maltese Split Ring
*Half Ring Braid
Split Ring Core Join
Here is a listing of video instructions:

*Making a Double Stitch
*Making a Ring
*Making a Picot
*Joining Picots
*Adding A New Thread - Knotless Method
*Adding Thread for Chain- Knotless Method
*Opening A Closed Ring
*Weaver's Knot
*Making a Split Ring
*Making a Cluny(Tally)
*Making Pearl Tatting(Maltese Chain) with Rings
*Making Pearl Tatted Chain(Maltese Chain)
*Making Pearl Tatted Chain(Maltese Chain) - Alternative Method
*Making a Split Chain
*Floating Chain - Split Chain
*Decorative Ring and Picots(aka Daisy Picot)
*Adding Elements to Decorative Picots(aka Daisy Picot)
*Half Ring Braid
*Zig Zag Chain(rick rack tatting)
*Picot Lock Join
*Maltese Ring
*Double Picot
*Triple Picot

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