Bead on Downward Facing Picot
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The following instructions shows how you would place a beadd onto the downward facing picot inside a ring. This is a good technique to use for any ring that you want a ring placed in the center as you are designing your tattings rather than sewing the beads in later.


Start making a ring or chain with a downward facing picot. Continue with the stitches until you curve to the other side of the downward facing picot. Load a bead onto a hook. Hook the end of the long picot and slide the bead onto the long picot.(Fig 1).
With hook still in the picot, catch the working thread around the hand and pull up and through the long picot.(Fig 2).
Pass the shuttle through the working thread loop. Slide and tighten the working thread back into position. This is a basic join using the working thread, but only the configuration is from inside the ring. (Fig 3).
Finish and close the ring. You now have a bead inside a ring!(Fig 4).
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