Adding New Thread
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What I do is the knotless method: cut the broken thread just an inch from the work. Refill your shuttle(or new ball thread depending on situation), lay the new thread parallel along the old thread leaving a tail past the work. Pinch the two threads together up close to the work. Regroup the threads around your hand. Make your first half hitch of the double stitch and make sure you work over the tail of the old thread. Do the same for the second half of the double stitch. Now bring around the new tail end from the back to the front so it is still going parallel to the old thread end. Tat over both thread ends this time. You may want to tat tighter so it doesnŐt look too padded. Do this for at least 3 or 4 double stitches. After you get past a certain point you can trim off the tail ends that are sticking out of the stitches.

Below illustrates these directions

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