Easy Steps to Making A Split Chain
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Photo version(3.41mb)
Drawing version(1.08mb) The following pictures I created to help you understand a much easier way to make a split chain. This was instructed to me by Marie Smith, a wonderful teacher of all, and has given me permission to post my drawings and photos of the easy steps of her way to make a split chain.

NOTE: The instructions show how to make a split chain with the front of the double stitch facing towards you by placing the shuttle thread behind the bare space thread. If you tat using the frontside/backside method and need the stitches to face away from you, then put the shuttle thread in front of the bare space thread and draw to the back.

These first set of instructions show you how to do the split chain stitches using a cabone ring. Nice way to cover the ring for tatting on to it for many projects!

This next set of instructions shows you how to do the split chain stitches in progress with a bare space thread that is lock joined to a picot as you would when working this technique in a project.

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