Lock Stitch Chain
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This little stitch variation works well with tatting and can be used when you want a chain to have a woven effect and actually gives you a straight chain instead of an arched line of stitches. I use the LSC(lock stitch chain) when creating patterns to simulate plait work done in bobbin lace. It gives the tatting designer new facets to work into their design. And when using two shuttles, that just opens up other possibilities.

Tie shuttle and ball(or two shuttles) threads together. Make the first half of the double stitch as normal.
Hold that first half of the stitch. Keeping the thread around hand taut, make the second half of the double stitch, BUT don't transfer or flip the half hitch into place! Instead just work the half hitch on down the straight thread on the hand close up to the first half hitch.
Snug up the second half hitch that is unflipped to the first half hitch and the lock stitch is the result.
Below is the result of working a line of several lock stitches in sequence to create a straight chain. Because you are creating lock stitches and not complete sliding double stitches, the chain will not arc. Unpicking the lock stitch is not any more difficult than picking out a double stitch. Just takes perseverence.

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