Half Ring Braid Instructions
by Mark Myers
copyright 2009

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The Half Ring

In many of my patterns you will notice that I use a braid like technique that trails around in a shape. A filling of motifs sometimes is added in the space it creates. It is reminiscent of many tape braid patterns in bobbin lace. The half ring is a fairly easy task of using an old ring technique introduced back in the 1800s. What I have done is alternate half rings to create a braid. By using this braid you can make pattern that many bobbin lace motifs are designed. And this was my intention. I do hope you give this simple technique a try.


Making a half closed ring is elementary. After making the required amount of double stitches, start closing the ring but only to a certain point so that you have an arc of stitches and a space of thread is left at the bottom of the ring. Determining how much space of thread and closing it only part way depends on the pattern.(Fig 1).
Fig 2 shows consecutive half closed rings made one after another to create an arced pattern of double stitches. NOTE: One tip to get the half closed ring snug up to the previous half closed ring is to make the second half of the double stitch FIRST, then continue on with normal double stitches.

The Half Ring Braid
Making the half ring braid is just alternating half rings that are joined by the side picots. Make one half ring that is 3-3-3-3(3 picots separated by 3 double stitches). Turn your work over and make another half ring like the first.(Fig 3) Turn work over and start a third half ring with 3 double stitches. Join to the last picot of the first half ring. Finish up this half ring with 3-3-3(Fig 4). Turn work over and commence with another half ring and join to the side picot of the second half ring made. Continue alternating half rings for length desired.NOTE: remember to make a second half hitch first before the first double stitch to help snug it up to the previous half ring.
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