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Making the first half
First make a normal double stitch to secure the ring on the hand in place. In a sewing fashion pass the shuttle over the working thread and then under(fig 1). Then pass the shuttle down and through the loop that is created near the pinch of the index finger and thumb(fig 2). Grab shuttle and make the transfer/flip of the twisted half hitch and snug it up to the pinch(fig. 3).


Making the second half
The second half will seem familiar when executing it. Bring the shuttle thread down and act like you are making a second half hitch on the bottom half of the working thread that is around the hand, just as in doing a split ring for the first half of the double stitch(fig 4). The shuttle will go over the bottom working thread, then under and through the loop that is created(fig 5 & 6). Pull on the shuttle thread and make the transfer flip and ease the flipped half hitch up, around and over the hand into the top working thread position and slide over to the first half of the Dizzy Double Half Stitch. The finished Dizzy Double Stitch should look like Fig. 7

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