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3. knotted lace made with thread and shuttle
5. elongated spool used as a handle to manipulate threads
9. a lace with straight heading
12. a French name for purls or turnPins
14. a narrow bobbin lace(made in Normandy and near Paris)which was much worn in the 17th century.
16. cloth or whole stitch
19. Point de Paris. A six-point star net
20. a cushion on which bobbin lace is made
21. complete stitch in bobbin lace
23. mesh or bars which join and support the pattern
24. 19th century guipure lace(Belgian)
26. instrument to make holes in patterns
27. a small hole overcast round its margin
28. edge with no cord bobbins
30. glass beads used to weight bobbins
32. Valenciennes. made with eight bobbins
34. darned patterns on square mesh
35. literally, lace made with the point of a needle.
36. linen thread


1. A bucks name. Same as Kat Stitch.
2. filet lace
4. sprig or spray made separately in some laces, and joined together afterwards
5. old name for pillow lace
6. made with bobbins on a pillow
7. needlework on linen with drawn threads
8. in the midlands, thick linen thread for outlining the pattern
10. lace of loose texture and geometrical design
11. lace made with silk in black, white or cream
12. a bobbin carrying a warp thread
13. a bobbin working through warps
15. uniting two parts of lace with a loop of thread
17. lace with bar or open, ground such as Venetian, Bruges, Maltese
18. ancient work from which needle point developed
19. the straight lower edge of lace
21. an offshoot of Maltese
22. fancy edge of lace
25. an openwork stitch in bobbin lace
28. a thread working through warps
29. lace made with a needle and built up with buttonhole stitches
31. a "motif" in Tenerife lace
33. the principal stitch in needle lace