This is a sample of double picots incorporated into a snowflake. Double picots are accomplished by making a very long picot and then making a couple of double stitches, and then grabbing the tip of the long picot, join it as you would a normal join to this ring. Snug it up tight to the last double stitch you made on this ring so that the long picot is arched sideways. The effect is two single threads that make up the double picot, yet they are part of the long picot. You can also make multiple picots in this same way by making the initial long picot and then add a small picot in with the double stitches after the long picot, join the long picot as described above and continue on. The effect is a small picot that is under the long picot that is arched. The possibilities are endless if you keep playing with ideas. Give it a try!